Farris Engineering

Detailed Information

Client-Focused Service & Engineering Excellence

Our company is like family, with multiple generations, lessons learned, and stories to share. We’re an employee-owned, small business provider, with roots dating back to 1967 when Ray Farris started the company with another employee in his home in Omaha. Technology and systems have changed a lot since then, but the core of who we are remains. We value commitment, trust, and honesty.

Understanding clients is critical for project success. Client service is not just delivering projects on time and within budget. It’s working together to meet your goals, sharing wisdom and insights along the way. It’s how we work to listen to your needs, and develop solutions that are the right fit. We’re people who make a difference by building enduring trust and value.

Specialties: Communication, Congeneration, Fire Protection, Electrical, General Mun., Industrial, Mechanical, Planning, Utilities/Energy, Other

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